"Tejon Ranch Sonata: 2032" -- Radar Poetry

"The Book of Indecision" -- The American Poetry Journal (Pushcart Prize nominee)

"Border Angels" -- Santa Ana River Review (annual poetry contest finalist, selected by U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera) 

"Chosen Landscape" -- Terrain.org

"Caravaggio in Training" -- California Journal of Poetics

"Spring in Similjan, Croatia" -- California Journal of Poetics

"Foragers" -- Poecology

"Futile, - the winds -" -- The Rappahannock Review

"Aurora" -- Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Awards



"Looking for Chanterelles in the Oakland Hills" -- Poetry East (forthcoming)

"Meditation at Schuykill Creek" -- Poetry East (forthcoming)

"Walking Lorca" -- Forklift, Ohio

"Spill" -- The Maine Review (2017 Poetry Contest Winner)

"Three Halos for the Cobb Fire" -- Berkeley Poetry Review/MIDTERM

"Hibernation in the Arboretum" -- Chautauqua

"How Egrets Stay Clean" -- Corbel Stone Press (UK), Contemporary Poetry Series

"Advice for Pallbearers" -- upstreet (Best New Poets 2017 Nominee) (PDF)

"The Nest" -- Orion Magazine (PDF)

"Love Lasts By Not Lasting" -- The Inverness Almanac

"The Arachnologist" -- Talking River



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